Honesty is in our DNA

Yes, health fads and 'magic pills' make our eyes roll too. Which is why we try to deliver the facts straight to you, unfiltered. No lies, no secrets.

Only what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.
What you see listed on the label is what’s in our gummy. We ensure the claims we make about each ingredient in our products are fully supported by scientific publications. We are committed to transparency, so you know exactly what you’re getting every time you buy an Ayom gummy.
Photo of chemistry equipment and ingredients
We spell it out for you
With supplements, it's sometimes difficult to know what you're fully receiving. Ayom takes pride in honesty and integrity, so we try to give you as much information about our products as possible. None of our flavours, colours, or sweeteners are derived from artificial sources. All our products are gluten-free, and our raw materials are from non-GMO sources.